Pierre-LouisFounder of Dialinguo
Keen on music in his own time, Pierre-Louis is a translator who always knows how to make the words sing. With Pierre-Louis, the translation goes with a swing.
LauraFounder of Dialinguo
Laura is passionate about video games. She knows how to find the right translation strategies to make sure that every translation hits its target.
JeannieFounder of Dialinguo
An environmentalist and philanthropist, Jeannie also loves words. With her finely tuned attention to detail, she finds just the right word for every occasion.
CélineFounder of Dialinguo
A keen traveller and citizen of the world, Céline knows how to draw on her thirst for culture and adapts each text to its reader.
AlexandraProfessional translator
Alexandra uses as much imagination in her translations as she does in her sketches. In her hands, blank pages come alive with the words she has penned.
AlexandreProfessional translator
Alexandre applies as much flexibility and creativity to his translations as he does to the dancing he practices with such passion for many hours a week.