Electrical Engineering translation and software localisation

Information Technology translation by Dialinguo

At Dialinguo, Information Technology translation represents a significant proportion of our activity. We handle a range of materials here, such as:

  • procedures and good practice guidelines,
  • digitised contracts,
  • software interfaces,
  • video games,
  • e-learning and online training materials,
  • IT specifications,
  • back and front-office internet sites,
  • etc.

IT translation projects are interesting to work on as they are very varied. That said, this type of translation is reserved for experienced translators. Indeed, IT translation uses a large amount of terminology and requires good project management. At Dialinguo, communication during the course of a project is important in IT translation.

Video games translation

In our translation agency, we have worked on many IT projects. In our Dialinguo team, we would like to develop the video games sector on Laura’s initiative. Serious gaming and video game developers take note. We are keen to offer you a translation service tailored to you and delivered with passion.

Software localisation or translation

Localising software involves translating the user interface to make it usable and slick in the requested language. Software editors localise their software to adapt their services to their marketing target. Besides translating the software, the translator is also adapting it to the target country’s culture.

For this type of project, we are interested in the software user and the user experience. If the software is intended for an engineer level audience, the translator will favour using precise terminology. This will require several discussions between the translation team and the client throughout the project.

Software interface translation may also spill over into other complementary translation work which is just as important, such as translating information resources. This type of translation concerns information linked to support for using a software package. Tooltips, tutorials and other guides form part of the use and require particular attention.

For this type of commission, Dialinguo highlights its:

  • knowledge of IT terminology,
  • command of the source language,
  • expertise in many IT software packages,
  • ability to adapt to new software

* At the end of a project, Dialinguo carries out a checking phase using impressive quality assurance tools. These approve the translation via a series of checks.

Electrical Engineering – terminology to be mastered

Electrical Engineering translation concerns specialised equipment which requires the translator to immerse themselves in the terminology. With Dialinguo, you will benefit from the fact that we take care of a very wide variety of projects. Electrical components, specialist equipment, component instructions or even lists – your terminology will be tailored to that used by the users of your manuals on your sites.

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