Translation to support your development

Marketing and sales translation is a very different activity to technical translation. This type of translation is increasingly in demand, especially by companies targeting customers abroad. In the Grand Est region of France – until recently called Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine – and where we are in Alsace especially, there is a considerable volume of trade with Germany and Switzerland. Companies are therefore increasingly opening up to translation. In terms of business, any effort made to move towards your opposite number will assist you in concluding a deal.

Producing a translation in one of these fields requires preparation relating to the practices and wording in the target language.

Sales and Marketing translation – casting the right translator

Sales and Marketing translation assumes that your translator is at least familiar with your company’s sales and marketing policy. At Dialinguo, we therefore set the translation objectives at the very outset of the project entrusted to us. Brochures, posters, mailings, letters websites  we translate many communications materials.

As an agency, it is our responsibility to ensure we cast a translator with exactly the right profile for the kind of documents you want to have translated. This casting will determine the quality of the translation.

A professional translation is obvious

In the same way that it is inconceivable to do your accountancy yourself just because you know how to count, some companies think they are able to translate their documents themselves. This temptation is all the greater when you always have someone who is willing and has a certain amount of the language in question. You might also consider saving money like this. And yet, by translating it yourself or with the help of someone who is not qualified (a secretary, language teacher, Erasmus student or friend who spent 1 year in that country), it will all end the same way. You will need to start again from the beginning.

Of the things that are obvious and make all the difference, lexical choice – the words you choose – is key. Even before starting your translation, the translator makes a decision about this depending on your end user. Unlike French, for example, which is often more prescriptive and direct than other languages, there are a multitude of ways to translate a sales or marketing document, especially in English.

Translating your website

Translating your Website makes things easier for the internet surfer. Besides the user experience, translation is a major asset which is increasingly used in referencing your website. You, of course, know that Google ranks your website in its search results using the relevance of your key words. Choosing the translation is one element of differentiation in terms of SEO.

Boost your online visibility

Translating your website is a strategic choice. Dialinguo will work hand-in-hand with you on this project either in partnership with your offices or from scratch. Moreover, we can also recommend several website agencies to you which we already work with. Making your website multilingual is going to enable you to magnify your company’s visibility on the internet. Translating your website will have just as valuable an effect on a shop window site as on an e-commerce site.

As a company, your investment is moderate and, above all, profitable in that you are going to extend your reach by attracting clients from abroad. It goes without saying that your output must be of equal quality in all of your website languages. Here are a few rules to consider before starting the translation of your website:

  • establish your website in one source language
  • call on a translator with website knowledge
  • design your website so it is suitable for translation and display in multiple languages
  • be ambitious and aim to achieve sales in other countries
  • roll out the translation across all your materials

Practical translation matters

The CMS systems used to manage websites offer back offices which enable you to generate translations and publish them online. That said, we recommend that you take an extract of your content to enable your translator to produce the translation in their own work environment with their usual translation tools. This will also optimise the cost of producing a translation. Once the content has been checked, your webmaster will be able to integrate this new content.

Here are two multilingual websites for which we recently produced translations in English and German:

trans’hit International website

3F Innovation website

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