Commissioning your technical documentation to be translated professionally ensures that your products are marketed well abroad.

Technical translation is a discipline which covers very diverse specialisms. Choosing a good translator is crucial here and Dialinguo can offer you expertise in a number of language pairs. We work in a variety of fields in our translation agency, in particular, for the car industry, aeronautics and aerospace on subjects such as:

  • training documentation,
  • public relations for new vehicle models
  • vehicle log books
  • technical specifications for devices (tools, machinery, robotics, etc.)
  • training on simulators for teams
  • on-board apps
  • standalone terminals,
  • etc.

Technical translation – a matter of precision

Like many translation fields, technical translation must be very precise. Translating your files, technical descriptions, manuals, operating instructions and safety sheets means that the translator must be able to put themselves in the place of the end user who expects that every word is in its place. We possess the technical expertise to enable us to produce precise translations. We ensure that your translated documents can be understood well and we adapt the terminology appropriately.

We could provide you with hundreds of client references, but unfortunately we are bound by the strictest confidentiality rules about the contents of the projects entrusted to us. For example, we are unable to tell you about the contents of a log book for a vehicle which is no longer planned to be launched in the market.

The composition of our team of translators enables us to respond to a wide variety of projects. We draw upon the strength of our network of technical translators to cover all aspects of technical translation in most language pairs.

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