Your interpreting service with Dialinguo

Interpreting means transferring a verbal message from one language into another. It may perhaps be
likened to spoken translation.

There are several types of interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting draws on considerable skill and
experience. Much in demand at conferences, it requires equipment (booth, headphones and
earphones). Consecutive interpreting is required for small teams whereas liaison interpreting is used
during commercial negotiations. Finally, whispered interpreting is a form of interpreting where the interpreter literally simultaneously whispers the interpretation into the client’s ear.

It receives little publicity, but interpreting is widely used by companies working with neighbouring
countries. This interpreting service enables our clients to work directly with their customers and is
very useful for events, visits and business relationships. Companies wanting to advance into foreign
markets find:

  • they need to understand each other,
  • they need to communicate with each other.

Interpreting maximises and eases communication by overcoming the language barrier. This type of
service enables you, in particular, to negotiate partnerships easily and sign contracts while avoiding
any misunderstandings.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting enables listeners to hear what has just been said in another language.
During this process, the interpreter listens, takes notes and then structures what has just been said,
reproducing this in its entirety in the other language.
The time taken between hearing and relaying the message varies (from 2 minutes to 30 minutes). In
practice, interpreters take their turn to speak every 5 to 10 minutes in order to retain the rhythm and
structure of the speech.

Liaison interpreting and whispered interpreting

Liaison interpreting is a sort of consecutive interpreting often used

during meetings or appointments. The interpreter

must prepare the subject in advance so they can interact with their client or even defend their
interests. They use all their skills to facilitate communication between several parties.

Whispered interpreting is a type of liaison interpreting. During whispered interpreting, the
interpreter whispers their interpretation for their small number of listeners. This requires an
interpreter to be completely at ease in both languages so that they can produce a refined and natural

Simultaneous interpreting

We do not offer this service at Dialinguo although we can recommend interpreters to you who
specialise in this.

Simultaneous interpreting requires specific sound equipment and a certain infrastructure. It is
performed in a windowed sound-proof booth where the interpreter sits and hears the words spoken
by the conference speaker through their headset. They then simultaneously relay the speaker’s words into a microphone in the other language. We call this simultaneous interpreting because the
gap between hearing the speech and relaying the message is very short (5 to 10 seconds). In this
way, listeners hear the interpretation through their headphones in their desired language (several
interpreters work at the same time in their respective languages). Simultaneous interpreting is really
helpful during important speeches and enables real-time understanding as well as interaction.

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