The profession of translator

Translation involves communicating a message from one language to another by adapting it as
faithfully as possible for its audience while still retaining the original meaning.

Translation is often considered to be a pretty straightforward profession which is within the reach of anyone bilingual.

In reality, translation is a rigorous exercise shaped by many issues for our clients. It is not enough just to speak a language and declare yourself to be a translator and a professional in this sphere. Where as you need qualifications to be a mechanic or a plumber, anyone can open a translation agency in their town. This situation forces us to explain our role on a regular basis and the quality you can expect from the end result of a translation project.

Translation – a service which consists of allocating a translation commission to the most specialised translator for:

  • a project,
  • a deadline,
  • a budget.

Beyond the language of the translator, it is important to choose a professional who is skilled in your line of business.

Dialinguo’s positioning

Great translation occurs when people perfectly understand the message you are trying to communicate. Depending on the type of message and the target language, the role of the translator is key. Indeed, it is the translator who chooses where to pitch the language level, taking into account cultural, marketing and practical issues.

Dialinguo’s mission is to produce professional quality translations at a price determined by the volume, the translator’s specialism, the language, the field and the deadline set. Dialinguo is your reliable, efficient translation partner for a wide variety of projects carried out with passion.

Our team of translators are also skilled translation project managers which not only gives our clients peace of mind about the outcome, but about our entire translation service too.

Translating into the translator’s native language

To achieve a quality translation service, we need to work with native speakers of the target language. In this way, the project we deliver will convey the precise meaning and all the precise nuances to help the end user understand the meaning perfectly. To succeed in this task, Dialinguo is made up of a team in France and a network of translation partners.

English, French and German are our own working languages and we call on our network for other languages. Each translator is chosen depending on the project.

Do you have a translation project ? Contact us now to discuss the specific details.